For this month’s Xbox Insider Community Spotlight we caught up with Scratch who is an Xbox Ambassador, Xbox MVP, and avid Xbox Insider. In addition, Scratch has been active on the new r/xboxinsiders subreddit as a moderator.

BH (BroHammersley): Welcome Scratch! Thanks so much for chatting with us and for being an Xbox Insider! Can you tell us a little about your journey to become an Xbox Ambassador, Xbox MVP, and moderator of r/xboxinsiders? 

Scratch (aka_Scratch): This is always a tough question for me. It’s one of those things that just sort of happened. I came to the official forums in November of 2005, started posting there regularly, and ended up becoming a moderator. I became an Xbox Ambassador long before the current iteration and saw the program evolve. Because of my early involvement, I’ve worked closely with Xbox Support and been part of nearly every Xbox Support initiative pertaining to the community.

I still don’t know who nominated me for Xbox MVP, but I’m told it’s for the volunteer work that I (and many other great community members) have done and continue to do. For me it’s always about being there to help with whatever I can. I don’t speak about it much because I don’t want to be given false credit or feel I need more recognition. Looking back though, I guess there are some pretty cool stories!

BH: No doubt things have changed a lot over time, but that’s awesome you’ve been there from the start! What’s the earliest memory you have of playing games on Xbox Live? 

Scratch: I was in the Navy when Xbox Live launched. I’d been playing a lot of Playstation 2 because I had the adapter for “net play”, so I was eager to try out Xbox Live. Before I deployed, a friend of mine in the Navy went home on leave and started playing on Xbox Live. He loved it so much he missed his flight back and was designated AWOL! I felt bad for him, but at the same time I was thinking,

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