There’s something strangely alluring about being here under the shade of these wind-swept palm trees, laying on a mountain of sand warmed by a day’s worth of sun. Is it the soothing ocean breeze? The calming waves? Or maybe it’s the massive pile of treasure chests waiting to be found beneath your feet. Believe me, once you play Treasure Hunt Simulator you’ll know what I mean. Today we’re excited to announce that HenryDev’s breakout hit is now available for Roblox on Xbox One!

Dedicated players will have a lot to look forward to as they relentlessly dig their way through the sand in search of valuable loot. As you forge a path, you’ll earn cash by collecting and selling the sand you dig up and finding treasure chests scattered underground. The deeper you go, the better treasures you’ll find and the better equipment you’ll be able to purchase! You may only start the game with a mere bucket, but after a few hours, you’ll soon find yourself armed with a metal detector or bigger shovels. There are even upgrades like dynamite and C4 for the more aggressive explorers out there.

Roblox Treasure Hunt Screenshot

HenryDev tells us he got inspired to start developing on Roblox back in 2008 after he realized he could build and code his own games on the platform. He came up with the idea for Treasure Hunt Simulator after he saw the recent explosion of simulator games on Roblox and thought he could fill a niche that the genre was missing. Amazingly, he was able to create the game all by himself in just one month by leveraging components from the hundred or so other experiences he made previously.

“I had always wanted to create my own games, but I never knew how to start,” he said. “Roblox offered an easy-to-use tool where I could express myself in the form of a game. My first few creations were pretty rough and it took a while before I had any success,

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