How to Revolutionize The Training Industry Through Microlearning

Knowles Training Institute
Knowles Training Institute

by Andrea Scully / Apr.09.2018 / 4:39 AM ET / Updated 2:57 PM ET

How to Revolutionize The Training Industry Through Microlearning – Knowles Training Institute

Interview with Sancy Suraj, CEO of Knowles Training Institute.

Have you ever wanted to learn something but didn’t have the time? Or have you ever only wanted to learn one specific thing and had no time to enroll for a full course? Knowles Training Institute dishes out some guidance.

Well, if you couldn’t do it before, now in the modern age you can! Knowles Training Institute offers the newest rage in eLearning, microlearning, which allows learners of different backgrounds to learn various topics in a flexible amount of time.

Basically, what microlearning does is to take the big modules and breaks it down into smaller, understandable lessons that learners may study any particular topic at any time using whatever available gadget they wish.

This is typically in the form of different rich media formats like videos, white-board animation and flashcards.

Examples of this kind of learning are YouTube instructional videos, flashcards, or even the “Word of the Day” lessons we are sent at times through email.

“One of the great things about microlearning is that the lessons are straight-to-the-point.They offer the learner all the information they need to know about a particular topic, use a teaching technique that caters to the students’ particular learning capability and do it all in a short amount of time,” Sancy Suraj, who launched Knowles Training Institute in 2018.

As previously stated, micro-learning is mostly conducted in short time bursts. Due to the fact, learners can learn at their own pace, they are able to retain more of the information given.

Herman Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist hypothesized that we forget 80% of what we learn in 30 days. Microlearning prevents this by not only using learning strategies that allow the information to truly stick in the brain but also in allowing the learner to take the time needed to learn it efficiently.

Although some people might believe that studying in short bursts might actually be harmful to the learner’s capability and might shorten one’s attention span, research has actually shown that we not only learn better but retain the information longer whenever we study in short focused bursts.

Another thing microlearning offers us is that it allows us to use our time more productively.

In light of the internet, micro-learning is more accessible than ever and so a learner can study not just when they are facing a computer at home or office but they can also do it using their mobile phones at moments they deem it necessary.

This aspect of microlearning allows its learners to driven to manage their own lessons and builds their interest to pursue more opportunities to enhance their knowledge.

Since microlearning is such a learner-driven program in the sense that its clients have to pursue the information themselves and not be pushed to learn it, it allows its learners to become more independent and thus more efficient and productive in the workplace.

This in turn also allows the companies to save resources in training their employees.

Due to the fact that microlearning is such a cheap and easy program to manage, companies usually favour this type of training more the traditional off-site training for their employees.

The good thing here is that when there is an update on a particular topic, employers and employees need not worry about catching up since this program allows for fast learning and simple course updates.

So, there is no longer any reason to fear to be ill-informed, now because of microlearning we can learn whatever we need when we need it.


World Fiber Line would like to thank MR. Sancy Suraj CEO of Knowles Training Institute.